Protect Your Tulsa Home By Trimming Your Trees

Protect Your Tulsa Home By Trimming Your Trees

Tree Trimming Services for your Tulsa homeIf you own your Tulsa home and care about your landscape, you’ve likely done some tree trimming at times to keep your yard manicured. However, did you know that if not done correctly, you could be causing more harm than good? You don’t always need to hire a professional to trim your trees in Tulsa but for the times where you can do it yourself, we advise you to learn how to correctly trim your trees.

Is It Okay for Me to Trim My Own Trees?

There are times that you can definitely trim your own trees; when you only need to remove 2 inches or less. While there are some exceptions in which you could possibly trim up to 4 inches, sometimes it’s best to let a professional handle it. Especially if you need more than 4 inches trimmed. Our Tulsa tree trimming experts at Rickert Tree Services know how to safely trim and remove limbs with ease and no hassle for you.

Why Is It Important To Trim My Trees?

Aside from helping to beautify your home, there are several different reasons to keep your trees trimmed. You know it’s time to trim if your trees are getting too close to the home’s exterior and/or are hanging over the home, pathways, or driveways (up to 5 feet). You’ll have a better view if you trim any branches blocking your window view and you don’t need to trim a lot to allow more light in the window. In addition, while trimming your trees it’s a good time to inspect for any diseases or dead branches and remove them if present. Otherwise, they could infect the rest of the tree, killing it off faster than you can save it. Also, if you have any plants or vegetation growing underneath the tree, trimming the limbs can help protect them and help them grow better.

How Often Will I Have to Trim?

It can become pricey to acquire Tulsa tree trimming services from a professional on a regular basis so it’s no surprise you want to do it yourself when possible. Your tree trimming efforts could last for years if done correctly; trimming 5-10 feet away from your home. You remove any risk of branches falling on the home and depending on the kind and size of tree you can expect not to have to trim again for up to 5 years. It commonly takes up to ten minutes to remove one limb so you figure in less than a couple of hours you could have the tree completely trimmed. But this requires time, experience, and proper equipment to do it correctly and safely. So you may want to consider coming to the professionals for help.

If you need tree trimming services in the Tulsa area, give the experts at Rickert Tree Services a call at 918-272-6111. We can provide you with an estimate for our services and help you schedule your appointment; contact us today!