Frequently Asked Questions from Rickert Tree Service Customers

When is the best time to plant and prune my trees?

Typically, early Fall – before the first frost – is a good time to plant most trees, as they will establish their roots before the cold weather arrives. But some trees do well when planted in calm weather on a winter day and others can be planted in the Spring. Visit our Tree Calendar for more details.

Why should I hire an arborist?

Caring for your trees with the expert knowledge of an arborist can increase your property value as much as 25 percent. Additionally, studies show it is much more cost effective to prune your trees regularly and to care for them than to do nothing or just “trim” them sporadically (Journal of Arboriculture). Arborists are formally educated and trained to identify tree problems, take proper steps to correct those problems and to promote the general health of the tree.

What are the Do's, Don'ts, & Cautions of hiring a tree care company

Exercise extreme caution with companies that solicit work door-to-door, who demand payment in advance, who don’t provide a written estimate, who advertise the lowest prices or who cannot show you their current, valid certificate of insurance. Don’t hire companies that demand payment in advance or cannot produce a certificate of insurance with current dates. Do request to see their valid certificates of liability insurance and workman’s compensation insurance. Askto speak with references. Insist upon their providing you a written estimate enumerating the work they will do and the cost of the work.

What will my tree work cost me?

We can’t estimate your cost until we inspect the work site and the size and needs of the tree, learn your intentions and goals and determine what method of removal or treatment we will use. We must also consider proximity of the tree to physical structures and power lines and the ease or complexity of access for our equipment to the tree.

How soon can you get to my tree work and finish it?

Once you accept our written estimate, we’ll schedule your work at our next available opening when our crew and equipment is not otherwise committed.

Can you do tree work in the middle of winter?

Yes, as long as travel and work conditions are not hazardous to crew or equipment. In fact, winter is a slow time, so we may be able to schedule your work sooner. Winter work is beneficial because frozen ground means less damage to your ground cover/lawn.

What is your response to emergencies and storm damage situations?

We respond immediately to storm and emergency calls and we schedule your work quickly. We know you want the damage assessed and the tree removed just as quickly as possible, and we aim to do just that. We work directly with insurance companies.

Is there anything I can do before you get there after an emergency?

Take lots of pictures. Do not attempt to climb a ladder or structure in order to ‘get higher’ and take better pictures. Keep yourself safe. Just document as much as you can in pictures. The pictures may be requested by your insurance company if you file a claim.

Why is it necessary to grind the tree stump and remove it?

Our stump grinder machine was designed to grind a tree stump and its roots into a sort of mulch.
The main reasons you should have the stump ground are:

  • You’ll no longer trip over the stump and you won’t have to mow around it.
  • Grinding the stump also makes for a more pleasing, natural look to the area, completely eliminating the unsightly obstacle. Grass can be grown over the area; flowers or shrubs or another tree can be planted where the tree once stood

The alternative to stump-grinding is to simply dig up the stump and fill the hole with topsoil. The problem with this approach is that over time, the fill soil settles deeper, creating another hole which people easily trip into and lawn mowers find challenging.

What is your service area? How far will you travel?

How far we go depends on the size of the job. A lot of tree service companies will travel to the site of a major storm or natural disaster involving trees in order to be of assistance in restoring access and aesthetics to an area.

Otherwise, our service area is typically within an hour or two of our office in Owasso. But do contact us so we can discuss your job.

There’s no way for a big bucket truck to get into my yard. Can you still work on my tree?

Our crew consists of experienced tree climbers who can usually do the job quite well without our bucket trucks, however we also own the Crawler 60 which is a compact bucket truck that can fit into spaces as narrow as 36″.

Can you plant trees for me?

Yes. With our ISA Certified Arborist on staff, we are happy to evaluate the existing foliage and surroundings, to recommend suitable trees and to plant them.

When should I hire you to prune my trees?

Shrubs and trees that flower in early Spring (such as Dogwood, Redbud, etc.) should be pruned immediately after their flowering season. Shrubs and trees that flower in Summer or Fall can be pruned during the dormant season. Dead branches may be safely removed any time.
There are several advantages to pruning summer and fall flowering trees in the winter, or dormant season, when the tree is bare:

  • Sap and resin flow from cut branches is minimal
  • We can easily identify diseases and treat them before the growing season arrives
  • We can make a proper assessment of the tree and its structure and whether it requires bracing or cabling
  • We have better access to the tree when the leaves are gone

When we properly prune a tree, its timber is healthier and more valuable and its fruit production is stimulated. Pruning involves removing weak or unnecessary branches and thinning the crown so that airflow is increased, pest problems are minimized, and a strong tree structure is encouraged. A strong tree more easily withstands damage in windy, icy or otherwise severe weather.

Does Rickert Landscape & Tree Service carry liability, property damage, and workers compensation insurance?

Yes. Rickert Landscape & Tree Service and its employees are fully insured. We can supply our insurance certificate if you request it before we begin the work. Be sure to visit our Insurance page.

Why should I hire Rickert Landscape & Tree Service?

The crew and management of Rickert Landscape & Tree Service embrace the philosophy that we are committed to doing the best job for our customer that we can possibly do. From the moment we first communicate with you to the clean-up after we’ve completed your work, we want you to be completely satisfied.