Tree Services Broken Arrow OK

Professional Tree Services for Every Area

tree-services-in-broken-arrowHave you noticed the way a beautifully kept property draws you in? It makes the house and yard look inviting, welcoming guests through the front door. Landscaping doesn’t just look beautiful; it serves as a backdrop that sets the mood of your home. That is why you trust Rickert Tree with your tree care services:

  • trimming
  • pruning
  • removal
  • landscape design
  • overall tree care

Caring for the trees in and around your home properly is just one step in setting the stage and making your yard the showplace of the neighborhood. To help keep your trees healthy and strong, choose Rickert Tree Service in Broken Arrow OK. Their professional staff is always on hand to help you keep your trees strong and healthy.

Professional Arborist Available at Rickert Tree Services

No matter what the tree emergency, Todd Rickert, an ISA certified Arborist, is on call to help residents of Broken Arrow OK get the tree services they need.  As a trained arborist, Todd is knowledgeable in both the art and science of trees.  He is an expert in the planting, caring and maintenance of all indigenous trees to the Broen Arrow area. His knowledge goes beyond that of an average tree service specialist.  Among his specialties are:

  • accessing tree damage after a storm or afflicted with disease
  • determining the best course of action in bringing your trees back to health
  • treating diseases and insect infiltration in a way that is safe and ecologically responsible
  • safe tree removal
  • planting

Todd and his company are one of the legendary Service companies in Tulsa… He is a small business and is very attentive to what he does and how he does things. He has worked on trees for me and for my parents…

-Steven J. of Broken Arrow

Why Choose Rickert Tree Services

Having a certified arborist available to answer your tree-related concerns can be a big benefit when dealing with tree problems, but that is not the only reason to turn to Rickert Tree Services.  This professional Broken Arrow tree services team has been trained to handle the care and maintenance of every local tree species. They also know exactly how to safely handle tree removal when necessary. Whether you need them to trim a single tree in your front yard or plant an entire orchard of fruit trees, the experts here are ready to work at making your landscaping dreams a reality.

Experienced in all facets of tree care, the specialists at Rickert Tree Service are qualified to handle all of your Broken Arrow OK tree services needs.


The health and well-being of our staff and customers is of our utmost importance. We are following any and all recommendations as outlined by the CDC to ensure everyone’s safety.