Tree Removal Broken Arrow OK

Your expert tree removal service in the Broken Arrow area.

Tree-Removal-in-broken-arrowStorms … disease … landscape changes … these are all reasons why you may need to have trees removed from your property.  Tree removal isn’t as easy at it may seem and often requires a professional to handle the job safely and efficiently.  Here are just some of the dangers associated with tree removal:

  • damaging nearby trees
  • damaging the house
  • bringing down power lines
  • damaging other structures on the property (fences, sheds, etc)
  • personal injury

Why It Is Important to Hire a Professional Tree Removal Expert

Taking down a large tree near a home can be dangerous – to you and your property. The expert tree removal specialists at Rickert Tree Service know exactly how to get the job done quickly and efficiently, with no risk of injury.

Fully trained and certified, the team at Rickert Tree Service can evaluate the situation and choose the best method of removing a sick or damaged tree; no matter what its size. Here are just a handful of benefits you can experience when using our services:

  • Quick and efficient tree removal: in most cases your tree will be down and the area cleaned in one afternoon
  • Root removal: without removing the roots, you can experience underground problems
  • Stump removal: stumps can cause a tripping hazard; encourage insects; and look horrible.
  • Hassle free removal with no worries: the expert team at Rickert Tree Service can get in and out of the smallest areas, bringing down a sick or dead tree with no risk to personal property or other accidents.

We had several trees removed, stumps ground down, the yard graded, and sod put down. Everything went well and we are very pleased with the results…

-Donna O. of Broken Arrow

A Certified Arborist on Hand to Help

One of the biggest benefits of using Rickert Tree Service in handling tree removal in Broken Arrow is knowing that you have made the right choice.  No one wants to say goodbye to an aging tree on their property. Unfortunately, sometimes storm damage and disease make removal necessary.  Todd Rickert is a an ISA certified arborist who evaluates each removal, making recommendations to the property owner regarding whether to save the tree, have it removed, and if taken down ideas on replanting a new sapling in the area.

Fully Licensed, Certified and Insured

When it comes to tree removal, you can never be too careful.  The tree removal specialists at Rickert Tree Service have been trained in using all of the equipment necessary in taking down large trees in all kinds of environments.  Fully licensed, with industry wide credentials, the company is fully insured to give its customers the peace of mind of knowing that the team working on their trees can handle any job.

Broken Arrow Tree Service Team

Offering expert tree removal services all over Broken Arrow, Rickert Tree Service gladly works with a vast array of community customers including:

  • residential properties
  • commercial properties
  • parks and recreational areas
  • schools
  • hospitals

The health and well-being of our staff and customers is of our utmost importance. We are following any and all recommendations as outlined by the CDC to ensure everyone’s safety.