How Do You Transplant a Tree??

How Do You Transplant a Tree??

How Do You Transplant a Tree??Although transplanting a tree is not ideal, it is often a plausible solution for a tree that is planted in a location not conducive to the growth and health of the tree. Situations that may warrant moving a tree including lack of space for a healthy root system or taking the tree with in a move.

To ensure the health and safety of the tree, follow these simple guidelines when transplanting:

1. Transplant the tree during spring or fall months, when the leaves have fallen but the soil is not yet frosted over. Transplanting a tree with its canopy expressed or during winter months puts your tree at risk of damage.

2. Tree transplant should be done earlier in the life of the tree when possible. Not only is it easier to transplant a young tree due to the size of the tree and its root system, it requires less after care and is more likely to thrive following transplantation.

3. Do your research. Make sure you know how much sunlight, space, and moisture your tree needs before choosing a new location. Ensure the new location provides the ideal conditions for your tree. It’s also important to find out whether the type of tree you want to transplant typically survives the change, as some trees are much more adaptable than others.

4. Know when not to transplant. Trees that are in poor enough condition to warrant total removal should not be transplanted, and trees being relocated to climates that are not suited for the specific tree should not be transplanted.

5. Follow the right protocol when transplanting your tree. You can do this by planning ahead for the project and ensuring you have the right equipment and people in place to complete the project, well-hydrate the tree in the weeks before transplantation, move the tree carefully to protect roots and branches, and hydrate immediately following transplantation.

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