Different Forms of Tree Damage

Different Forms of Tree Damage

Recognizing Tree DamageOne important thing that many homeowners forget to think about ahead of time is the health of their trees. There are different kinds of damage that homeowners have to watch for in their trees. If you’ve never had someone look at your yard, or assess any problems done to them after a major storm, it’s important that you have a professional evaluation right away. The problems might be deeper than the surface, and a professional will be able to find damage that you’ve missed.


Storms are the leading cause of difficulties, and lightning can kill a tree dead with one strike. It’s hard to tell when a root system has suffered damage from lightening, but it can pose a danger if it’s dead. Dead limbs can drop without warning or can fall during another storm, which is a danger to other structures, foliage, buildings and people.


Another byproduct of storms is flooding. While a generous amount of water can be great for roots, excessive water can drown the roots and inhibit the flow of oxygen to the tree, which is essential for the tree’s survival. Excessive water can also change the environment around your trees and shrubs, and that is never good for growth. If a recent storm has caused flooding, your foliage could be in danger even if the surface water has receded as over-wet soil conditions can weaken the structure of the root ball.


During large storms, the wind can be so fast that it can rip tree roots right out of the ground. Many homeowners believe that if the roots are still in the ground that the timber is safe, but there can be unseen damage after high winds. Twisted trunks and missing bark are two of the most common problems after wind storms.


This last problem has nothing to do with storms. There are many kinds of bugs and insects that can attack your trees and shrubs. They will feed on the leaves, roots and seeds ultimately causing the plant to die. Many times the damage bugs can cause are not noticeable to the average homeowner until it is too late to stop the problem. An ISA certified arborist like Todd Rickert can identify these problem pests before they do lasting damage to your landscape.

Rickert Landscaping and Tree Services knows the signs of wood that’s in a crisis. We can diagnose your foliage and provide maintenance or removal on an ongoing basis or as a one-time assist. If you are concerned about any of your tree we can put your mind at ease. Contact us today!


The health and well-being of our staff and customers is of our utmost importance. We are following any and all recommendations as outlined by the CDC to ensure everyone’s safety.