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Tree Removal / Trimming

Tree removal Tulsa OKTulsans! Whether to beautify and enhance your property investment, or to remove danger created by hollow or fallen trees, it may be time for your tree (or multiple trees) to be removed. Our experienced tree crew will evaluate your project and remove your tree(s) with proper equipment and professionalism, leaving the area clear of debris when the job is done. Learn more about Rickert’s specialty: tree removal (Tulsa area) and maintenance.

Firewood Sales

Firewood Tulsa OKOur huge firewood lot on the south side of Owasso, Oklahoma (east side of Highway 169 about a mile south of 66th Street North, so convenient to the Tulsa area) is a veritable shopping mall for different kinds of firewood. From hardwoods to pecan/hickory and mixed/ assorted woods and kindling, you can make a cozy home or camp fire with firewood from Rickert Land-scaping & Tree Service. Get more details from our Firewood section. And check our Home & Garden Show special firewood prices!

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding Tulsa OKStumps get in the way, presenting a hazard when walking and mowing. Our Stump Grinding machine makes it easy for us to remove your tree stump by grinding up the root ball (if you wish, you can use the shavings as mulch for your garden plants) The area from where the stump was removed can then be used for planting, building and other functions. Learn more about Rickert’s stump grinding and stump removal services.

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Retaining Wall Construction – Using interlocking, aesthetically pleasing, pre-cast lipped concrete wall blocks, your new retaining wall will improve the appearance of your property while adding structure and reinforcement to your foundation and preventing erosion. Much more functionality results, and you can choose from an extraordinary range of colors.

Rickert has built many retaining walls and we will be glad to provide an estimate for yours.

Learn more about Rickert retaining walls.

Tree Cabling, Bracing / Restoration Pruning – Our ISA certified arborist Todd Rickert can give your tree project a thorough evaluation and provide a free estimate for helping to restore and maintain your tree(s). By cabling or bracing the tree, selective tree pruning, and with regular tree maintenance, the tree withstands Tulsa and northeast Oklahoma’s harsh winds and weather extremes.

Protect your investment with cabling and bracing.

Check out Rickert’s tree cabling, bracing and pruning services.

Emergency Tree Service & Disaster Tree Service – Our trucks, trailers and crew are equipped to handle large amounts of debris and to quickly remove storm damaged trees and trees toppled by wind, ice, and other natural disasters and weather conditions.

We were active in Tulsa during the big ice storms of late 2007, early 2008, so we know how to react.

See more about our emergency and disaster tree service.

Residential and Commercial Complete Tree Services – Protect your investment and the beauty and the safety of your property by removing dead, dying, diseased and hazardous trees, by cabling or bracing, or thinning to allow the nurturing of sunlight and air through the crown of the tree for ultimate health and safety.

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Providing tree removal Tulsa services along with tree trimming / pruning, stump removal, firewood and other tree care services with a boom truck and full line of heavy equipment, certified arborist and expert crew. Tulsa tree removal situations assessed free of charge.

Rickert Landscaping & Tree Service in Tulsa, OK also provides tree removal and related tree and landscape services to many areas in northeast Oklahoma, including: Bixby, Coweta, Collinsville, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Jenks, Glenpool and more.